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If you have rosacea symptoms, often experience redness and flareups or have menopausal flushes then I recommend this treatment to you. It quickly relieves discomfort and irritations associated with very sensitive skin. 

The extract of Northern truffle stops inflammation while also blocking the receptors of heat, pain and itching taking away pain and irritation. Prebiotics and probiotics are applied to normalise and restore microbiome health and diversity. Rosacea and redness are controlled and reduced by the gentle normalising effect of microbiome-friendly ingredients, such as prebiotic BioEcolia, probiotic Lactobacillus, extract of Japanese saké and Mexican water chestnut. 

Red-Apax Facial is designed for super sensitive skin with symptoms of rosacea and its primary focus is soothing and relieving discomfort. In Red-Apax Meder features prebiotic cleanser and centella asiatica based serum to achieve a pronounced calming effect from the very first minutes of application.

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135 CHF75 min

Meder Red-Apax Facial Steps

  1. Skin preparation, makeup removal
  2. Prebiotic cleansing mask for sensitive and damaged skin to remove dead cells
  3. Exfoliation with a natural probiotic enzyme mask
  4. Antioxidant serum application to sooth the skin and reduce inflammation
  1. Calming concentrate with probiotic lactic bacteria to normalise skin microbiome and restore normal sensitivity
  2. Balancing face mask to comfort and calm the skin, also very effective to relieve hot flashes during menopause. For people with rosacea it instantly reduces redness
  3. Face cream for sensitive skin

Meder Red-Apax is a very effective treatment with a soothing and comforting effect for hypersensitive skin.

135 CHF75 min

Deep Impact Applications (optional)

Ultrasound Therapy (25 CHF | 20 Min)

Ultrasound is a local dynamic massage which exfoliates the skin gently and increases the diffusion of substances through cell membranes for a deep impact of the active ingredients used in the treatment.

LED Light Therapy Panel Treatment (25 CHF | 20 Min)

LED Light Therapy is a deep impact treatment that uses proven red and near-infrared wavelengths to combat the signs of ageing. These specific wavelengths of light energy are clinically verified to enhance your body’s natural ability to generate collagen and elastin by activating the fibroblast cells.


Perfect place if you want an efficient wide range cosmetic services with a soulful touch of the great professional. I did it and will do it again and would recommend this place to any woman I know 🙂

Alexandra Moiseeva Alexandra Moiseeva

Kosmetik Basel Julia Hediger provides a great quality facials and body treatments. The atmosphere is very nice, Julia is very thoughtful and always suggests individual solutions based on my needs. Going back here after a long break due to lockdown and maternity leave was just a heavenly experience for a working mom of two. It’s extremely important taking a good care of yourself if you are constantly taking care of others, and this is my treat!

Anna Loginova Anna Loginova

I have a very sensitive dry skin and i woke up next day of the treatment with a very moisturized skin and alrady feels lifted as we combined meder care with ultrasound lifting. I felt so relaxed in the experienced hands ofJulia.
Cannot wait for more sessions!

Atlas Güney