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Endospheres therapy consists of three phases: beneath the skin to enhance tone and shape, on the surface to improve complexion and reduce eye bags, and within facial tissues for immediate rejuvenation by promoting collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. It addresses wrinkles caused by lifestyle and environmental factors and combats skin dullness from stress, sun, and pollution by increasing tissue oxygen.

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800 CHF6 x 45 min

Endospheres Face Treatment Steps

  1. Make-up removal
  2. Endospheres face treatment
  3. Serum application
  1. Face mask application or LED light therapy treatment
  2. Face cream application

Endospheres therapy targets facial tissues directly, increasing vascularization to stimulate collagen and elastin production and enhance oxygenation for inner nourishment and brightness. It tones facial muscles, reducing expression wrinkles, combating sagging, and lifting the overall complexion and facial structure. Endospheres promotes anti-aging effects, leading to a refreshed, toned complexion.

800 CHF6 x 45 min