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Bellabaci Massage is a slow gentle relaxation massage with silicone cups that stimulate the detoxification of the body. Through the suction and the negative pressure, the tissue is freed during the massage from excessive fluidity and toxins, relieves tension, strengthens the connective tissue and stimulates blood circulation in muscles and skin.

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125 CHF60 min

Bellabaci Body Massage Steps

  1. Cupping Massage to stimulate detox
  2. Hand Massage to relax
  1. Body Cream nourish and protect
125 CHF60 min


Kosmetik Basel Julia Hediger provides a great quality facials and body treatments. The atmosphere is very nice, Julia is very thoughtful and always suggests individual solutions based on my needs. Going back here after a long break due to lockdown and maternity leave was just a heavenly experience for a working mom of two. It’s extremely important taking a good care of yourself if you are constantly taking care of others, and this is my treat!

Anna Loginova Anna Loginova

I had 2 test LIPO OVAL Facial treatments with Julia. She is very knowledgeable in skin care and provided a very thorough consultation before the treatment and recommended home care products that are good for my skin. Overall I am very satisfied and will definitely come back.


I have a very sensitive dry skin and i woke up next day of the treatment with a very moisturized skin and alrady feels lifted as we combined meder care with ultrasound lifting. I felt so relaxed in the experienced hands ofJulia.
Cannot wait for more sessions!

Atlas Güney