Julia hält die Sugaringpaste Julia hält die Sugaringpaste


Why Sugaring?

  1. 100% natural, no animal experiments
    The body sugaring sugar paste I use is hypoallergenic and anti-comedon. It is not tested on animals in any form during the research and development process of the paste.
  2. More pleasant and effective
    The lukewarm sugar paste does not stick to the skin, but only bonds with the hair. Dead skin is gently removed.
  3. Thicker and more durable
    The sugar paste is applied against the natural direction of hair growth and penetrates to the hair shaft. This removes the hair deeper down and does not break off. With wax, the direction of application and tearing is reversed and this causes the hair to break off.
  4. Hygienic
    The sugar paste is used only once, therefore no cross contamination occurs. In addition, the bacteria cannot multiply due to natural preservation.
  5. Effective pre- and aftercare, which minimizes or avoids skin irritations.

Since the sugar paste can be easily removed with lukewarm water, there are no stains on clothing.

Ladies - Sugaring

Remark: Hollywood is all gone (Bikini complete). Brazilian has a landing strip.

AreaTimePrice (CHF)
High Bikini 15 min.35.-
High Bikini incl. bottom fold30 min.65.-
Brazilian/Hollywood30 min.85.-
Lower Legs40 min.70.-
Legs60 min.100.-
Bikini line & Half Leg45 min.85.-
Bikini line & full Legs60 min.130.-
Bikini line & Legs & Underarm80 min.140.-
Brazilian & Lower leg75 min.140.-
Brazilian/Hollywood & Legs90 min.160.-
Brazilian/Hollywood & Half Leg & Underarm90170.-
Full Arms30 min.60.-
Underarm10 min.30.-
Face Sugaring25 min.30.-
Upper lip or chin15 min.20.-
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Ladies - Waxing

AreaTimePrice (CHF)
Upper lip or chin10 min.15.-
Whole face (3 facial areas)20 min.30.-
Armpits10 min.sugaring only
Bikini incl. natal cleft30 min.sugaring only
Whole legs40 min.80.-
Lower leg or thigh20 min.45.-
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Men - Waxing and Sugaring

AreaTimePrice (CHF)
Waxing - armpits10 min.40.-
Waxing - chest & abdomen40 min.90.-
Waxing - Back40 min.90.-
Waxing/Sugaring - Back & shoulders, stomach & chest120 min.200.-
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