Bellabaci Massage - Cupping Therapy

Bellabaci Massage is a slow gentle relaxation massage with silicone cups that stimulate the detoxification of the body or face.

Through the suction and the negative pressure, the tissue is freed during the massage from excessive fluidity and toxins, relieves tension, strengthens the connective tissue and stimulates blood circulation in muscles and skin.

TreatmentBeauty goalAreaTimePrice (CHF)
Cellulite, be Gone!Anti-Cellulite TreatmentLegs, buttocks & belly30 min.60,-
The "Hello Body" mechanicAgainst fibromyalgia, migraines, headachesNeck, shoulders & back30 min.60,-
Skin, get a life!Uneven, dry skinFull body massage60 min.120.-
Circu-Flow genieBetter circulationFull body massage60 min.120.-
Stress no more!Against stress and depressionFull body massage60 min.120.-
Bellabaci full body massageRelaxation & enjoymentFull body treatment60 min.120.-

When you buy a 10-treatments subscription, 11th treatment is free!

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LED Light Theraphy for Body

The latest generation of LED light phototherapy (light therapy). Optimized skin penetration through three clinically proven wavelengths: Blue 465nm, Red 640nm and Near Infrared 880nm. It stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, which eliminates toxins and accelerates healing.

Blue light has antibacterial, sebum-regulating and soothing properties for all types of acne. Red light increases collagen and elastin synthesis, reduces wrinkles, increases natural moisture. Near Infrared (NIR) and Red Light - relieves pain, reduces redness, regenerates.

TreatmentGoalAreaDeviceTimePrice (CHF)
Light therapy (LED)Acne treatmentBackCelluma PRO30 min.60.-
Light therapy (LED)Pain-relief treatmentAffected areasCelluma PRO30 min.60.-

When you buy a 10-treatments subscription, 11th treatment is free!

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Cellulite Treatments

TreatmentProblemAreaMethodTimePrice (CHF)
Ultrasonic treatmentConnective tissue tightening, stretch marks, skin tighteningLegs or armsDevice IONTO-SONO® effect40 min.80.-
Cellulite TreatmentConnective tissue tightening, stretch marks, skin tighteningLegs, buttocks & stomachBellabaci cupping therapy40 min.90.-

When you buy a 10-treatments subscription, 11th treatment is free!

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