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Meder Beauty Facial Treatments - Kosmetik Basel
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Meder Anti-Aging Facials in Kosmetikstudio Basel

Dear clients,

Kosmetikstudio Julia Hediger happy to introduce you five treatments for five typical problems  from Meder Beauty Science which offer completely customized skin treatments that deliver incredible results after only 45 to 60 Minutes.

Present in more than 20 countries, the brand has continued to rise in reputation amongst dermatologists and skin clinics across the world and now includes five non-invasive facial treatments that offer highly credible alternatives to injections.

I recommend you the following non-invasive facial treatment menu:

Meder Arma-Lift Logo, Weisse Buchstaben A und I auf dem roten HintergrundARMA-LIFT – rejuvenating lifting and wrinkle-filling treatment, 160 CHF. –

Best suited for: 40+ age group; people with toneless ageing skin with wrinkles and fine lines.

Benefits: improved skin elasticity and firmness. Reshapes facial oval, tightens the skin around eyes, smooth out wrinkles, rested and fresh look.

How it works: stem cell technology boosts dermal synthesis reducing wrinkles, while Epidermal Growth Factor accelerates the skin regeneration.


Meder Hydra-Fill Logo, Weisse Buchstaben H und F auf dem roten HintergrundHYDRA-FILL – filling and deep hydration treatment, 160 CHF.-

Best suited for: all age groups. For dry, dehydrated and very sensitive skin. If you fly often or you are an urban dweller, smoker – this is for you.

Benefits: bright and even moistened skin. Fills in small wrinkles, restores the skin hydration level.

How it works: restores moisture levels in the deep skin layers  and skin’s natural protection; the treatment fills the skin erasing wrinkles, signs of fatigue and free radical damage.


Meder Eu-Seb Logo, Weisse Buchstaben E und S auf dem roten HintergrundEU-SEB – therapy of problem skin, acne, inflammation and rosacea, from 130 CHF.-

Best suited for: all age groups. Women and men with chronic acne; teens; people with sensitive skin prone to inflammation, oily and shiny skin; rosacea patients;

Benefits: reduce inflammation, regulates sebum, minimizes pores.

How it works: prebiotics nourish the skin’s ecoflora while being toxic to pathogenic bacteria.


Meder Lipo-Oval Logo, Weisse Buchstaben L und O auf dem roten HintergrundLIPO-OVAL – facial liposculpture treatment, 160 CHF.-

Best suited for: all age groups; men and woman with excessive weight; people trying to lose weight or those with facial puffiness, malar bags and bags under eyes.

Benefits: quickly reduces excess facial fat, restores the facial oval, and reduce the double chin and puffiness, also best treatment for men.

How it works: lypolitic ingredients reduce the fatty tissue and improve microcirculation providing draining and lifting effect.


Meder Myo-Fix Logo, Weisse Buchstaben M und F auf dem roten HintergrundMYO-FIX – wrinkle correction treatment, 180 CHF.-

Best suited for: 30+; young people with expressive mimic; men and women with mimic wrinkles and fine line; for pregnant and nursing women; Botox customers inbetween injection courses.

Benefits: smooth out mimic wrinkles, lessens the mobility of facial muscles, helps the face appear calm and relaxed.

How it works: innovative peptides immobilise the mimic muscles only at the points of connection with the skin. Delivers stable and visible result.

Duration of the treatment aprox. 60 Min

What is more important in cosmetic skincare, safety or visible effect? We are proud to say – you can have both. With the help of prominent Swiss biochemists we were able to create a range of skincare products, all of which are both safe and effective.

Dr Tiina Meder, MD

Founder of Meder Beauty

Why MEDER Beauty Science Facial?

  1. Created by dermatologist Dr Tiina Orasmae-Meder
  2. Swiss Quality
  3. Highest concentration of cosmeceutical and biotechnological ingredients
  4. Visible results.

The full protocol of the Meder Beauty treatment:
Step 1: Cleansing with energizing serum
Step 2: Exfoliation with enzyme mask
Step 3: Short massage with anti-oxidant serum
Step 4: Application of specific designed concentrate
Step 5: A mask made of non-woven elastic-stretch bamboo fibre soaked with matrix gel.
Step 6: Moisturiser


Course of 6 treatments – 950 CHF.- and get Meder Facial Mask Package (5) as a gift
Course of 10 treatments – 1550 CHF.- and get the 11th Facial

For maintenance, a course of 5-15 treatments, 1-2 times per week is recommended.


  • Express Maniküre 25 MINS – 30 CHF
  • Paraffin Hands/Legs 20 MINS – 20 / 30 CHF
  • Foot massage 20 MINS – 30 CHF

Treatments available in Kosmetikstudio Basel on Gerbergasse 24, 4001 Basel


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