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Manicure and Pedicure, Hand and Foot SPA - Kosmetik Basel
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Hand and Foot SPA, Manicure and Pedicure for all

fusspflege mit ApparateeinsatzExpress Manicure 30 Min. CHF 40.-
Nail file, shape, moisturising and polish of your choice.

Manicure ap. 75 Min CHF 60.-
Nail file, shape, cuticle treatment, exfoliation, moisturising, polish of your choice

Express Pedicure 30 Min. CHF 50.-
Nail file, shape, moisturising and polish of your choice.

Pedicure ap. 75 to 90 Min CHF 80.-
Specifically to tackle thick, hard skin and treat other common conditions including in-growing toenails, corns, calluses, fungal infections and cracked, dry heels. Ink. cuticle treatment, exfoliation, nourishing and polish of your choice


  • Eyebrows shaping & Tinting 50 CHF
  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting – 30 CHF
  • Paraffin Hands/Foot 20 Min – 20 / 30 CHF

Reflexology of the Feet

I am pleased to announce that Hanne Marquardt, leading pioneer and teacher of reflexology was my teacher. I have visited Black Forest, Königsfeld-Burgberg, Germany in April 2017  and was taught by Dr.phil. Reinhard v.Neipperg (HP) Reflexology.

The name of Hanne Marquardt will be well known to you if you have studied the history of Reflexology and its key figures! Hanne Marquardt studied with “The Mother of Reflexology”, Eunice Ingham in the late 1950′s. Previously to meeting Eunice, Hanne had spent nine years studying her work. Since then she has spent a lifetime refining and developing Reflexology and made some crucial adaptations changing the name of what she practiced and taught to Reflexotherapy.

Reflexology 20 Min  – CHF30.- and could be add on in any other Treatment, for example when you have a Facial
Reflexology 45 Min – CHF60.-


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Я в отьезде и буду снова доступна с 29 августа. Запись возможна только по электронной почте или по смс на мой номер в What’s Up. Я отвечу, как только смогу, но не ранее 29 августа.

Спасибо и до встречи! +41 78 266 44 78


Dear all!

I am currently away until August 28th. I have no access to email or phone. If you want to make an appointment please write me E-mail or send SMS per What-s Up and I will contact you on August 29.

Kind regards,
Julia Hediger
+41 78 266 44 78


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Ich befinde mich bis zum 28 August im Urlaub. Ab Dienstag 29. August bin ich wieder gerne für Sie erreichbar. Um einen Termin vereinbaren, schreiben Sie bitte ein E-mail oder SMS im What’s Up und ich werde es am 29.August beantworten.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Julia Hediger
+41 78 266 44 78