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Welcome in the Studio on Gerbergasse 24!
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Welcome to Kosmetik Basel

Basel Skincare Expert Julia Hediger

Basel is great because it’s clean and beautiful. The streets are washed regularly, the trees are cut and taken care of and in the parks, the city plants flowers and keep them clean.    

It is similar to the skin: through regular care, cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing it becomes clean and healthy. Regular care brings visible results. It is a bit like the saying: you are what you eat. You could also say: you look good if you take good care of yourself. Today it is kind of fashionable to have a lot of stress. But you must not forget to take care of yourself and especially of your skin. Because if you take care you look good and looking good increases your self-esteem. And with a good self-esteem, you are more successful in life.

I’m born in 1972, I have a university diploma as the engineer and I worked in different positions in management and sales. 2010 I married the love of my life and started a new life in Basel. I learned German and did a training as beautician that finished with the international CIDESCO diploma that is recognized in 33 countries. Since 2012 I have my own business. 2017 I have received the Swiss Passport which makes my life a lot easier and that is something for which I am very grateful. My clients are ver nice and intelligent people from different cultures and with different nationalities. My experience with different skin colors and skin types help me to always find the best solution for various skin problems. In this way, I can offer you a treatment that is specifically suited to your needs. And it is very important for me to get your feedback after the treatment.

In order to let my clients always benefit from the latest findings of the skin and beauty science, I regularly attend trainings. In the last years I have done training in Switzerland, Germany, England, Russia, and Ukraine to be up-to-date and also to extend my offering. For example, many clients value a reflexology treatment after Hanne Marquardt while enjoying a nourishing facial mask.

Kosmetik Basel Julia Hediger only works with products that fulfill the quality measures of Switzerland and Germany and that have passed the required quality controls. These product promise results that I see regularly confirmed in practice. I use products from Reviderm, Meder Beauty Science, MedBeauty, Guinot, and Pevonia. I don’t use products that have been developed using animal research.

Most clients in my Kosmetikstudio Basel prefer facial treatments, facial massages, Bellabaci body massages, hair removal sugaring, pedicure, and reflexology. I limit treatments with machines to micro-needling with Reviderm Skin Needler, Endermology LPG and Hydradermie from Guinot.

A warm welcome to Kosmetikstudio Basel!
Julia Hediger
Skincare Expert with International CIDESCO Diploma


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Спасибо и до встречи! +41 78 266 44 78


Dear all!

I am currently away until August 28th. I have no access to email or phone. If you want to make an appointment please write me E-mail or send SMS per What-s Up and I will contact you on August 29.

Kind regards,
Julia Hediger
+41 78 266 44 78


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Ich befinde mich bis zum 28 August im Urlaub. Ab Dienstag 29. August bin ich wieder gerne für Sie erreichbar. Um einen Termin vereinbaren, schreiben Sie bitte ein E-mail oder SMS im What’s Up und ich werde es am 29.August beantworten.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Julia Hediger
+41 78 266 44 78