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Merry Christmas - Special Offers for Christmas 2018 - Kosmetik Basel

Special Offers for Christmas 2018

Dear clients,

Make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cold season in my warm hands and atmosphere:-) Just take a time for yourself or make a gift for somebody you love.

My Christmas specials have a big spectrum of the treatments which bring your skin to the point when you are satisfied with how you feel and look! It’s a great idea to make a custom gift to yourself or to your loved one.
Don’t miss out – this offer is valid only until 24.12.2018!

Christmas requisites laid out in the shape of a Christmas bauble, overhead view

1. PERFECTIONIST – 8 Sessions

A targeted treatment to make face skin uniform, irreproachable, flawless.

Christmas Special “PERFECTIONIST” – 6 Sessions for CHF 720.- instead 840.-

Indications: large pores, spots, pigments, acne scars, wrinkles

Target: reduced hyperpigmentation, fresh and glow skin

Duration: 45 minutes

Treatment: once a week until Christmas

Description: Cleansing- Exfoliation – Mask – NEW Lifting Face Massage – Day Cream


This revolutionary, unique anti-ageing method uses the skin’s self-healing mechanisms to leave it looking younger. Where the effects of creams have reached their limits and surgery is a step too far. Compared with a facelift, the treatment is minimally invasive. 10 needles in a row combined with a powerful motor make treatment more precise, more gentle and more effective.

Christmas Special “MICRO-NEEDLING” – 3 Sessions CHF 660.-

Indications: Sagging skin, wrinkles around the upper lip, crow’s feet, wrinkles, acne

Target: Wrinkles appear reduced, builds up and thickens the epidermis, smaller pores

Duration: 45 minutes

Treatment: every second week until Christmas

Description: Cleansing – Exfoliation – Needling – calming Mask – Day/Night Cream

YOUR GIFT IS A BELLABACI BACK MASSAGE (and you could give it somebody else!)

3. Hydradermie Lift Express – 6 Sessions

Non-invasive anti-age treatment for mature dull and tired skin.

Christmas special Hydradermie LIft Express – 6 Sessions for CHF 550.-

Target: Anti-aging

Duration: 35 minutes

Treatment: twice per week until Christmas

Description: Cleansing- Exfoliation – Drainage – Muscle stimulation – Day Cream

4. Bellabaci & Cocobaci Pure Detox

It’s not only a full body massage. Bellabaci Cupping Therapy can affect the body up to four inches into the tissues, causing tissues to release toxins, activate the lymphatic system, clear colon blockages, help activate and clear veins.

Christmas Special Bellabaci Full body Massage – 6 Sessions for CHF 700.- instead 720.-

Indications: Stress, Muscle pain, Cellulite, Insomnia and Stress, Back Pain

Target: Detox, revive, deep relaxation, muscle support,

Duration: 60 minutes

Treatment: once or twice a week until Christmas

Description: Bellabaci Full Body massage with Genies Oils (all organic)

YOUR GIFT – Cocobaci Detox Oil Pulling

Read more about Cocobaci here https://coco-baci.com/oil-pulling-health-enhancing-practice/

I kindly inform you that the offer is valid until 24.12.2018.
It would be great if you just contact me
on (+41) 078 266 44 78.

I truly value you as my customer and client.


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Dear all!

I am currently away until August 28th. I have no access to email or phone. If you want to make an appointment please write me E-mail or send SMS per What-s Up and I will contact you on August 29.

Kind regards,
Julia Hediger
+41 78 266 44 78


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Ich befinde mich bis zum 28 August im Urlaub. Ab Dienstag 29. August bin ich wieder gerne für Sie erreichbar. Um einen Termin vereinbaren, schreiben Sie bitte ein E-mail oder SMS im What’s Up und ich werde es am 29.August beantworten.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Julia Hediger
+41 78 266 44 78